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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Redfish Rumble Begins

The Redfish Rumble Begins in the Delta! 
This fishing the Americas Report just in from 
Captain Keith Kennedy.

Two day Fishing Report (July 17-18) from Venice, Louisiana. Ideal fishing conditions prevail with light winds with scattered showers. Overcast skies provided very comfortable fishing for mid July. The early morning bite was exceptional - basically on every cast. We fished under pelicans diving on bait fish. The Big Bull Redfish are moving in and setting up in their usual locations on 3 to 4 foot mud flats on the east side of the river. Due to high river flow this spring and early summer the Bull Redfish did not set up per their normal routine until early/mid July. Normally the Redfish would be setting up on the beaches and mud flats in early May and June. We experienced a number of very disappointing trips early spring and summer but things have turned around in a dramatic fashion in the past two weeks!  Bull Redfish should continue to flood onto the mud flats off of the Mississippi Delta for the remainder of the summer and into the fall. I expect exceptional catches from now through November. __Captain Keith 

 If you want to experience some of the best fishing for Giant Bull Redfish contact Captain Keith for availability.

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World Class Redfish Rumble Action on Light Tackle!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Welcome to Spybaiting: The Technique of Silent Capture

Realistically, Spybaiting a.k.a the technique of "Silent Capture" is still in its infancy.

Perhaps not so much within the green and brown bass communities, although there is still volumes to learn there as well, but certainly when considering other species. So for all you Spybaiting enthusiasts don't shout me down before you hear me out!

There are applications awaiting to be developed with the Silent Capture finesse technique in both freshwater and saltwater. Pioneers of this technique, like David Swendseid, are bringing to the forefront professional and engaging instruction via fast paced yet detailed and informative video presentations. 

For we gray-tones and old school deep water hounds it is reminiscent of our days learning and then refining the technique of "Spoonplugging" with instructions from pioneers and legends like E. L. "Buck" Perry. Or, Carl Lowrance, who we remember in 1959 began full production of the first mass produced recreational fish finder...the Fish Lo-K-Tor or more commonly called, "The Little Green Box." That "little green box," as the Fish Lo-K-Tor became known, soon revolutionized sports fishing across all waters of the globe. 

My point: "Pioneers" delivering technique and tool are always, on mission. So today we have a relatively new technique with new educators like Swendseid and new creators...artisans like Masahiro Adachi developing and perfecting tools like the Realis Spinbait 80 and 90 or the Realis Spinbait 80 G-Fix. 

This grey-tone for one is just as excited today to learn the technique of Silent Capture as I was 50 years ago learning to understand the blips and blinks of stumps and contour changes on the dial on my first Lowrance. 

Thanks Mr. Adachi - Thanks David, for bringing us Realis SpyBaiting, your way! 

Now, absorb the video:  Welcome to Spybaiting: The Technique of Silent Capture

Welcome to Spybaiting: The Technique of Silent Capture

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Time to Release the Beast with the Fangbait Series by Realis

Heavy Duty to the Max!

It seems that DUO International has decided that the secret is definitely out, at least in some countries and certainly since ICAST16 in July. So on August 12, 2016, quietly comes the news release from DUO International a host of watchful and extreme finatics have been waiting for:

"The Fang Ops series has started with the concept of making the toughest lures in the world while preserving the attention to details, artistry and craftsmanship which made Japanese product renown. The products have been carefully tested for over two years period in some of the toughest fisheries in the world – Papua New Guinea, Amazon, Guiana. Starting with the range of four Fangbaits, now, it`s time to release the beast!"

The heavy duty weapon for “Going Beast Mode”

What do you tie on your rod when you plan to target a 20kg Papuan bass, 40kg barramundi or 100kg arapaima? What tackle generates enough confidence to tie it on even when fighting a world class record fish? We offer you the answer – the Fangbait series.

You WILL want to read the entire News Release to see all the colors; learn about the design process and see the "interior" of Fangbait. The design, the colors and the interior make Fangbaits the perfect choice for tackling the Beasts of the Exotics in freshwater and saltwater with THE BEAST by Realis.! 

Two years of extensive field testing in extreme conditions, for extreme finned beasts by extreme anglers across the planet brings Realis to the point of saying, "It's time to release the beast!" So I encourage you, if you are a Beast Hunter of the finned variety, if you have freshwater or saltwater Beasts on your bucket list, go to the DUO International web site  and search the ‘Fang Ops’ Fangbait series. You'll find just the right Fangbait for your quary. 

Check the Fishing the Americas Blog often for suppliers here in the states where the Fangbaits will be available. We hope to have that information for you soon.

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