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Friday, September 13, 2013

PursuitChannel Magazine Fishing the Americas Column

The Fishing the Americas column is published in the September edition of PursuitChannel Magazine. The story: “Destination: Dead Woman’s Pass” starts on page 70.

PursuitChannel September 2013

This article focuses on destination, guide, gear, primary lure selection and technique for catching the Monster Bull Redfish of the Mississippi Delta region. Click Here

"Bucket Bend, Middle Ground, Dead Woman’s Pass. Wouldn’t you like to know the stories behind these names? During most every trip at some point we pass the lighthouse at Pass a l’Outre.  If only lighthouses could talk. History began for the first lighthouse at the entrance to the mighty Mississippi in 1852. I’m sure Pass a l’Outre could tell us a thing or two. Like how Dead Woman’s Pass got it’s name. Like why the area is sometimes a magnet for Monster Bull Redfish."
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