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Monday, November 9, 2009

Jim Vescovi Ranks Trophy Bass Lodge as one of top three trips!

Jim writes, "David.... Just returned from the Lodge on 11/6/09. We had a blast at Trophy Bass Lodge and I am sure that we would have caught twice as many fish if that hurricane had not come through.... but 100 fish a day up to 8# is not all that bad. We understand as die hard fisherman that nobody can control the weather, and we just make the best of things. Luis learned some fishing tips from us as well. I used a lure that he was fascinated by. It was a simple white 3/8 oz. bucktail with a white painted head, and tipped with a small fin-s. We caught over 400 bass over a 4 day period. The food was fantastic !!! The cook was second to none. He was great !!!! The accommodations were super and the everything was done on a timely fashion. It was very organized. Thanks again for helping to make this one of our top 3 trips that we have ever taken. Jim Vescovi"

That is me smiling...Frank is the one who does not have a smile...but he has a Big Fish!

Action Continues on the Rodeo Circuit around south pass!

Good friend Gary Clark has just returned once again from three days of romping with the Bull’s…that’s right, the Bull Red’s around south pass are back in the arena! Once again, Captain Keith Kennedy appears to have them corralled as he has most of this past season. Along with Gary on this trip was his rodeo partners Jim Quinn and Tom Gantt, both long time veterans to Captain Kennedy’s Camp located in Venice, LA. Gary reports 75 Giant Bull’s and a bunch of bonus sea trout as well. Here’s Gary with a AAA Bull for this event!


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