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Monday, November 29, 2010

Golden Dorado of South America

Advanced Angling Aerial Acrobaticsbrought to you by the exciting Golden Dorado of South America. Enjoy this incredible video filmed in Bolivia and the upper reaches of the Amazon.

Don’t start the video and give up to soon for lack of “fish on” action. The first part is in itself, great documentary video edit. But FISH ON starts at about 4:20 in and its action packed aerial acrobatics on the fly to the end! The music score is awesome as well.

Perhaps like me you too have an exotic destination or two on your bucket list of angling adventures. For me, it is the Golden Dorado of South America. I have several angling friends who have made this trip…I’ve read their reports and listened to their stories and accounts. Now I’m ready for an Argentina adventure and an encounter with the Golden Torpedo of my own.

This clip does not include the Biggest Dorado of the World. That title goes to the area below the El Salto Grande Dam located on the Uruguay River separating Uruguay and Argentina in an area known as La Zona. Maybe the next clip will be from La Zona. Enjoy.

David Fields
International Angler/Outfitter

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Late Fall Fishing Report for Venice, La...Fishing is Great!

Captain Keith reports the fishing remains strong for the Big Girls: Fished Nov. 18, 19 and 20 with party of three, Hank Szopinski , his brother Mike and friend Larry Nickels. The first day was windy, North 15 to 20, fished the outside beaches at South Pass with limited success but the last two hours was non-stop action after a school of big girls moved on the beach to feed. The second day we tried another area that I had total confidence in, again we had limited success. Fish seemed to be scattered due to a strong cold front that came through on the 17th. Around 11am decided to make a big move and run 15 miles to an outside bay on the edge of Redfish Bay, BINGO !!!!! Fished late and left the fish biting at the end of the day. The third day we returned to Hole Number Two and the fish were waiting for us ,first cast fish on 28lbs, non-stop action for most of the day. All fish for the trip went between 18 and 34lbs………. Capt.Keith

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Report ~ Rio Negro, Brazil

16 Nov 2010


Sorry I hadn't got to it sooner but wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I really enjoyed my Peacock bass adventure with you to Brazil last month. The trip worked perfectly from beginning to end. No glitches and no problems with great guides and good fishing makes for a fishing trip of a lifetime. I was impressed with the whole operation, the yacht, fishing boats, service and food but especially the guides. You know the angler spends more time with the guides than anyone else and when the guides are friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable it really makes a difference. Yours are! as exhibited by there desire to get you to the fish. I'll never forget CoCo's hacking and chopping with the machete to get us into that lagoon. I had a great trip as evidenced by my 23.5# Monster...but trips are truly great when surrounded by friends, new and old alike. It couldn't have been better and I'm looking forward to fishing with your Amazon Fishing Expeditions once again soon.

Regards and thanks again,

Barker "Kent" Standerfer

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Explosions Extraordinaire: Peacock Bass Attacks

I’m often asked what it is about the Peacock bass that causes the addiction that becomes a passionate pursuit for the legions of anglers who overly obsess with their annual foray(s) to South America and the tributaries and “lost lagoons” of the Amazon water shed. I think maybe I’ve found a film clip that best portrays the cause…ENJOY!

International Angler, Blogger and Friend Bob Daly Reports on his Monster Tigerfish Trip to Tanzania

I was able to fish for monster tigerfish on the Mnyera River and Ruhudji Rivers in Tanzania last week. Had a group of 4 which included friends, Cole Lundquist, Steve Ryan, Dane Lundquist and myself. Steve Ryan had fished these rivers last year while this was the first tigerfish adventure for the rest of the group.

We flew on KLM for Chicago to Amsterdam then to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. He overnighted in the Sea Cliff Hotel in DAR before taking a charter flight to the fishing rivers.

The lodge on the Mnyera River consists of private, spacious safari type tents with private hot shower and toilet.

You drift down the river fishing different sections of the river each day. The biggest tigerfish on the trip were all caught on the Mnyera River. Cole landed monsters of 22.5lbs and 21lbs. Steve landed trophy tigers of 20lbs and 19lbs. I landed a trophy at 18lbs. All of us caught numers other trophies in the teens. A trophy tigerfish is normally any over 10lbs.

Dane Lundquist took time off from catching monster tigerfish to try his luck at big game hunting. Dane tagged along with a professional hunter and saw a monster 15 ft croc bagged. On our last day, Dane hunted a few hours and bagged a monster trophy cape buffalo which measured 45 inches. This is a trophy where many serious AFrican Big Game Hunters never equal in years of hunting. Dane hunted with Kilombero North Safaris.
Lots of wildlife was observed by all during the trip especially on the ride from the Mnyera River over to the Ruhudji River and back. You go by jeep driving through the jungle. Lots of elephant, eland, warthog, cape buffalo and others were seen. Numberous hippos, baboons, and monster crocs were observed each day on the Mnyera River.

I highly recommend this fishing experience.
We can see why you would Bob. If you're interested in an expedition to Mnyera or Ruhudji Rivers for these toothy torpedo's give me a call or drop me a line...I've got the go-to guy for an adventure to the Dark Continent.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Todd Harrington Joins The Big K Guest Ranch as Director of Fishing Programs

Just got word earlier this week that friend, associate, businessman and professional guide, Todd Harrington, has joined with The Big K Guest Ranch. This opens the avenue for fishin' expeditions to the famed Umpqua Loop of the Umpqua System and it's finned inhabitants like Steelhead, Chinook, Coho Salmon and Smallmouth Bass.

The Big K has teamed up with Todd Harrington’s Living Waters Guide Service to expand its fishing services. Harrington will serve as Director of The Big K’s new fishing program, which now offers year-round guided fishing trips, scenic jet boat rides and rafting trips through the famous Umpqua River Loop, the most scenic and secluded stretch of the Main Umpqua River.

Big K anglers are privileged to have “first water” every day for Winter Steelhead, Spring and Fall Chinook, Coho Salmon, Smallmouth Bass and Shad. Guided trips for keeper and oversize Sturgeon, Striped Bass, Crabbing and ocean fishing are just a short distance from the Ranch. Shuttle service, non-guided private fishing opportunities and river access are also available.

With the appointment of Todd Harrington as Fishing Program Director, The Big K has added a private, easily accessible boat ramp six miles upriver from the ranch, bringing the total number of private boat ramps exclusive to Big K anglers to eight. The Big K’s drift boats have been updated, two new rafts and a 24-foot Team North River Scout jet boat has been added to its fishing fleet. Continuing its commitment to safety and professionalism, all Big K guides are now U.S. Coast Guard certified and insured.

“I’m very happy and honored to head up The Big K’s new year-round fishing program,” says Harrington. “The famous Umpqua River Loop has been my home waters for the past 12 years. Having the opportunity to team up with The Big K and share its truly spectacular 2,500-acre property, lodge, scenery and fishery with guests from around the world is a dream come true. God is good!”

About Todd Harrington, The Big K’s new Fishing Program Director

Harrington grew up fishing and rafting Oregon’s Rogue and Applegate Rivers and first dreamed of becoming a professional guide at the tender age of eight. Professionalism, a deep commitment to preserving the water and environment he fishes, and providing clients with world-class angling experiences are hallmarks of Harrington’s career. He has guided clients from around the world through his Living Waters Guide Service for the past twelve years. He also previously owned and operated Angel Lodge on the Elk River near Port Orford, Ore. Harrington, a tournament bass fisherman, earned ESPN’s Best of Show award for Sturgeon fishing on the Umpqua River. He’s made the famous Umpqua River Loop his home for more than a decade and fishes its waters more than 200 days each year.

“We’re thrilled to have Todd Harrington join our team and lead the expansion of our fishing services,” says Kathie Larsen, Director of The Big K. “Todd’s impressive experience as a professional fishing guide, his knowledge of the Umpqua River Loop bordering our ranch, and his deep commitment to customer service make him a perfect fit for working with our clients.”

I'm thrilled to be able to offer this fine operation, The Big K Guest Ranch, and it's access to the famed Umpqua River to the friends and clients of fishin' expeditions. We should have more news available soon. I'll keep you posted! Until then, who's in for the first group out to the Umpqua? __David Fields

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prime Dates Available for the 2010-11 Peacock Bass Fishing Season Aboard the Amazon Santana

If you can react quickly these first dates of Dec. 10-19 look great!

Week 15 December 10 – December 19, 2010 (2-3 spots available)

Week 18 December 31 – January 8, 2011 (Mandatory dinner of $126 per person required and made mandatory by the Tropical Hotel/dinner/beach fireworks/party/New Year’s Eve Celebration) (12 spots available)

Week 19 January 7 – 16, 2011 (8 spots available)

Week 20 January 14 – 22, 2011 (8-10 spots available)

Week 24 February 22 – 19, 2011 (8-9 spots available)

Week 25 February 18 – 26 (Open)

Week 26 February 25 – March 5 *(Open)

Week 27 March 4-12 *(Open)

* Subject to water levels

It’s not to late to get in on the action this season. Check out these dates…grab a partner or form a group and give me a call to book your Peacock Bass fishing adventure aboard the Amazon’s premier fishing yacht…the Amazon Santana. Follow the link here for the Amazon Santana for more information. Then call me at 877.755.4950 to arrange your Peacock bass fishing adventure…an experience like no other!

EPA Rejects Lead Ban Petition Proposed by the Center for Biological Diversity

The Sportfishing Industry Applauds EPA’s Decision to Reject Lead Ban Petition
America’s anglers triumph over unwarranted petition to ban lead in fishing tackle. WHEW, that was close...but the center for who? You gotta' read this.
Alexandria, VA – November 4, 2010 – The sportfishing community commends the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson for its decision to reject a sweeping petition to ban lead in all fishing tackle. The petition, which was submitted on August 3, 2010, by the Center for Biological Diversity and four other groups, requested that EPA ban all lead in all fishing tackle on all U.S. waters. The petition also included a request to ban the use of lead ammunition in the hunting and shooting sports. That part was denied on August 27 because EPA does not have the legal authority to regulate ammunition under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Opposition from anglers was strong; over 43,000 anglers sent comments requesting dismissal of the petition to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson through www.KeepAmericaFishing.org™.

In dismissing the petition, EPA indicated that the “petitioners have not demonstrated that the requested rule is necessary to protect against an unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment, as required by the TSCA.” EPA also cited state-specific actions and the increasing education and outreach activities being undertaken, stating that those actions “…call into question whether a national ban on lead in fishing gear would be the least burdensome, adequately protective approach to address the concern, as called for under TSCA.”

“The sportfishing community applauds EPA’s decision,” said American Sportfishing Association (ASA) Vice President Gordon Robertson. “It represents a solid review of the biological facts, as well as the economic and social impacts that would have resulted from such a sweeping federal action. It is a common sense decision.”

Robertson further said, “Increases in the cost of recreational fishing would stop many anglers from enjoying the sport. The resultant decrease in fishing license sales and the federal manufacturers’ excise tax on fishing tackle, which represent the two most important funding sources for fisheries conservation, would be a large setback for fish and wildlife managers and this country’s natural resources.”

“The sportfishing industry is very proud of the fact that America’s anglers were united on this important issue and played a pivotal role in EPA’s decision to reject this unwarranted petition,” noted Robertson. “KeepAmericaFishing™ provides anglers an opportunity to present a strong, coherent voice so that they can express their concerns to decision makers. EPA’s dismissal is without a doubt in direct response to the facts we presented which were soundly supported by our collective comments and input.”

The sportfishing community’s objection to the ban was based on:
• The data does not support a federal ban on lead sinkers used for fishing. In general, bird populations, including loons and other waterfowl species, are subject to many more substantial threats such as habitat loss through shoreline development. Any lead restrictions on fishing tackle need to be based on sound science that supports the appropriate action for a particular water body or species.
• A federal ban of the use of lead in fishing tackle will have a significant negative impact on recreational anglers and fisheries resources, but a negligible impact on waterfowl populations.
• Depending on the alternative metal and current prevailing raw material costs, non-lead fishing tackle products can cost from ten to twenty times more than lead products. Non-lead products may not be as available and most do not perform as well. Mandatory transitioning to non-lead fishing tackle would require significant and costly changes from both the industry and anglers.
• America’s 60 million anglers generate over $45 billion in retail sales with a $125 billion impact on the nation’s economy, creating employment for over one million people.
This is not the first time that such a ban has been requested. In 1992 EPA received a similar petition to ban lead fishing tackle and in 1995 the Agency abandoned the proposed rule because there was no threat to bird populations and the economic impact was determined to be significant. In September 2010, legislation was introduced to both chambers of Congress to prevent an overarching federal ban on lead in recreational fishing tackle (S. 3850 and H.R. 6284).

“Even with this decision, ASA will continue to work with legislators and EPA to ensure that future considerations of lead fishing tackle bans are made in response to sound science, not unwarranted petitions,” concluded Robertson. “Aside from the many anglers that spoke up, many organizations and members of Congress deserve thanks for decisively voicing their opinion to EPA.”

To learn more about this issue and to support the voice of the American angler, please visit http://www.keepamericafishing.org/.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

#KLures...Awesome "Grande" and "Chico" Rippers for #PeacockBass

Blogger Bob Daly, over at The Fishing News has reported on numerous occasions about the California custom lure maker KLures and the angler/artist/owner behind KLures, Kermett Adams. Bob will let you know matter-of-factly that when it comes to custom hand crafted lures there are no finer specimens available today for the Golden Dorado of Argentina than those of Adams handcrafted ‘tricksters'.Daly and several others of this #PeacockBass addict’s brethren have expressed a fondness for Adams "Grande" Ripper and "Chico" Ripper as their "go to" lure of choice for enticing the awesome top water explosions of the ferocious Peacock Bass.

I've been reading the "posts" about the KLures on Blogs and Forum Boards for the last couple of years and finally decided to seek out Adams and order a few for my last trip to the Peacock haunts of the Rio Negro this last October. In fact, I encouraged Kermett to paint up a couple for me in a special color which he readily agreed to do. Then, perhaps 10 days later I had the order in hand. It didn't take but a few minutes of examination to understand why guys like Daly, Cagle and Laden were singing the praises of Adams KLures. Of those mentioned and myself I would dare say our combined Peacock Bass tackle inventory would challenge the likes of any given BPS store. From the old standards like the Peacock Specials, Amazon Rippers, Big Game Woodchoppers and Woodchopper Slims of the old Lure Jensen brand to the New Pavon Props and the ever popular HighRollers, our tackle shelves would all be found sagging from the over abundance of these fine ‘tricksters'.

I say all that to say this...we've all "fished" these old standbys for years and know them well. But when you put a KLure in your hand for examination you quickly see the "four keys of quality" that truly sets a custom lure apart from all the others:

Four Keys of Quality

  • absolutely the best of hardware available in the marketplace today;

  • a premium lure body turned by the artesian to perfect tolerances;

  • available paint and color patterns unsurpassed in the industry with a Lexus finish;

  • all assembled and tuned to a performance standard before it is ever shipped to the purchaser.

Now all of this sounds good but will the Grande or the Chico catch fish...OH YEAH! Here's an 18 pounder in hand that succumbed to a Clown Colored Grande Ripper and as the above mentioned guys have attested as well...these are field proved Monster Peacock Bass fish catchers...top shelf ‘tricksters’!

David Fields with 18# Peacock Bass caught on Peacock Ripper
I highly recommend you visit KLures.com and have a look around at the various types, models and color combinations of lures available for multi-species. Order a few soon for your next fishin' expedition! Whether it's the Monster Bull Red Fish of the Mississippi Delta or the Monster Peacock Bass of the Amazon we're here to assisst you in planning your next "fishing adventure of a lifetime."

David Fields
International Angler/Outfitter
Toll Free 844-626-2966

Please visit our All Amazon web portal at:

Amazon Fishing Adventures | Peacock Bass Fishing in the Amazon: A Fishing Adventure Like No Other!

Amazon Fishing Adventures

David Fields

40 year international angling veteran. 10 years hosting fishing fin'atics to exotic angling destinations located throughout the Americas. Blogger, freelance writer and media specialist.

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Fall Red Fish Report for Venice, LA...Great Fishing!

No sooner that the airplane wheels hit the landing strip from his return from the jungles of South America after a great Peacock Bass trip and he's off to the beaches and bays of the Mississippi Delta for Bull Reds! This report just in from Venice, LA and Captain Keith's camp by our friend and Redfish specialist Gary Clark.

Arrived Venice, LA this trip just in time for a big cold front. Fought wind and waves for first two days but caught bull reds anyway---along with some unwanted but very acrobatic black tip sharks. Then, finally, some great weather on the last day thanks to a welcomed high pressure system in the Gulf. Very warm with no wind. 40 bull reds in the boat with all well over 28". Two 32 pounders topped the catch. Plastics prevailed with Tsunami split tail minnows and the new Bomber mud minnows producing best. We experienced some of the most spectacular strikes and feeding frenzy ever! Total catch for the 3 days was 84 reds, 2 trout and many sharks (unfortunately!). Thanks to Capt. Keith for another great trip!


If you want to get in on the Fall Feedin' Frenzy of these Giant Bull Reds give me a call an we'll set you up for the "fishing adventure of a lifetime"...the Captain has a few select dates remaining for 2010.

David Fields



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