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Monday, November 11, 2013

Just Fishing with an Old School Friend

It didn’t last long really. Perhaps forty-five minutes before sunset yesterday evening. I had been watching the surface action on the pond off and on for a few hours. Not really much activity. Yet the afternoon sun had surely warmed the surface temperature just a bit. Quite honestly, it was just a beautiful fall evening and visible activity or not I was going to loft a lure.

Sometimes we need a change up. Yesterday evening would be Old School. 

With a selection of three 1970’s vintage baits from the collection cabinet in hand I headed down to the pond. I just knew if any activity was in the plans the deep bank where the afternoon sun had spent the most penetrating time would be the best bet. Wrong. After thirty minutes. Nada. Nad-a-one. 

Oh, it had been fun, casting the the Rebel Mini R and the Bagley B for several minutes. And interestingly, they were still running true after nearly 40 years of dormancy. But there were no takers on the sunny bank and really, no activity. 

Just enjoy the beauty of the evening, David. Yes, Sir.

I hadn’t tried the third choice for the evening and that didn’t seem fair. The squirrel tail really should have a shot just as the others did. After nearly 40 years of rest would the swivel even turn? So I made a turn tail from the trail to the abode and decided to give the little cove in front of the house the opportunity to produce with a few casts into the shallows. 

BAM! First cast. Must be a fluke. Shallow water, no sun and once again, no surface activity. Strange bass, why would you be out roaming? BAM! Second cast, second strange bass. Twins. Dumbness must be in the genetics. And for 30 minutes and probably less than thirty casts 11 more 1  to 1-1/2 pound bass would flat "wear out" that Old School Vintage Lindy Squirrel Tail SS. 

I hadn’t spun the Indiana blade on that single spin since 1974. The blade was just a bit tarnished and the red thread winding around the hair, well, amazingly it stayed strong as bass after bass inhaled the little 3/16 ounce spinner. After a bakers dozen with one large Crappie thrown in I decided to stop. Why risk it. What if a giant engulfed the Squirrel Tail? 

It would be lost. I would be lost. Old School would be lost.

After all, what could possible top off the evening better than the return from a 40 year hiatus of an Old School friend? What better than knowing it still had what it took to ‘thump’ with the best of them as only a Lindy Spin could.

Thanks Al and Ron for an afternoon of Old School "Lindy Fishing." 

David Fields

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