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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Annual Venice Rendezvous for Giant Bull Redfish

Annual Redfish Rendezvous at Venice Camp with friends Gary Clark, Jeff Stagg, Captain Keith Kennedy and Lulu.

If I asked you to look back to the June 2015 report for this same trip (actually only a few posts back) you would quickly draw two conclusions:

1. This less than semi part time blogger has all but abandoned blogging over the past year (we're going to correct that going forward) and,

2. The similarity of this current report to the June 2015 report.

It's true, fishing and catching was much the same. Numbers were down a bit this year due primarily to local weather systems curtailing our time on the water. Other than that, all things considered, a trip to Captain Keith Kennedy's Camp is always a highlight to the summer fishing season. Great food, great friendships and usually great fishing are the staples of Born To Fish Charters with Captain Keith.

Gary, David, Jeff & Lulu

Here's Gary's report:

"Just returned from another great redfishing trip with Capt. Keith Kennedy of Born to Fish Charters in Boothville, LA.  Fished for 3 days with good friends, Jeff Stagg and David Fields.  First day was simply outstanding with 53 bull reds over the side of the boat.  Most were 20 pounds or more and Jeff had the day's biggest at 31 pounds.
The next 2 days we dodged storms but managed to put an additional 25 in the boat, topped by David's beautiful 36 pounder.  Top two baits were clearly the El Grande saltwater fluke Boom-r-Ang in Foxy Freddie color and the large Bomber Mud Minnow in black/chartreuse tail.  Redfish are in their summer pattern and when you get on a school you can drift for miles catching one right after another.  The Captain has had some unusual cancellations due to illnesses and our friends can grab a trip by calling him as soon as possible." 

Gary Clark

Interested in a Rendezvous with some Giant Redfish? 

For Excellence in Outfitting Contact: 
Captain Keith Kennedy
Born To Fish Charters
(504) 908-3108
Email: kennedy7676@peoplepc.com

El Grande Lures "Boom R Ang" in Foxy Fred 

World Class Redfish Action on Light Tackle

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