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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fishing the Americas Report: A TON of REDFISH!


The fall feeding frenzy is on around the Mississippi Delta region and Captain Keith Kennedy of Born to Fish Charters is on A TON of Redfish! 2013 has proven to be a great year for Captain Keith’s clients and their quest for the Ole' Channel Bass. It appears that the fall season will be no different. Friend Gary Clark and his Texas cousins just finished a three day fishing trip with Captain Keith and Gary is convinced that “well over one ton of Redfish made their way into the boat over the three day frenzy.” 

Gary's full report follows:

Well, guys, it's always a pleasure to send you a report following one of my frequent trips to Venice, Louisiana to redfish with Capt. Keith Kennedy, but this one is truly exceptional.  

Two of my favorite cousins, Joe and Lynn Payne, from Austin, Texas, and I have been trying to get together for a redfish trip for a couple of years now, and we finally got our three schedules to match up with one another.  I had been bragging on Keith and the terrific fishing he produces, but I thought perhaps I had gone a bit overboard when I saw the THREE ice chests that they had in the Suburban that they picked me up in at the New Orleans airport.  Not to worry!  Day one alone saw 71 bull reds come into the boat!

That was followed by 38 the second day and then an even 40 on the third day for a total of 149!  Put another way, given the large average size, well over one TON of redfish made their way into the boat over the three day frenzy!  

As usual, popping corks and various plastics produced extremely well, but this time the reds also blasted big topwater Chug Bugs with a vengeance and nailed Rattletraps pumped up and down off the bottom.  Even the plastics under a cork were met with explosions like hand grenades going off!   Several nice trout and one big Jack Crevalle also found there way to the boat. 

To top it all off,  we were blessed with near perfect wind and weather conditions for the whole trip.  Keith has experienced one of his best summers ever and it appears that it is going to continue for quite some time to come.  It would not surprise me at all to see the exceptional fishing continue well into December, so it's not too late to squeeze in one more fishing trip with him if you book soon.  

Joe and Lynn were super impressed with Keith's gastronomic delights and his  attention to clients' wants and needs in every aspect of the trip.  Just like everyone else that I've introduced to the Captain, they are already making plans for a return trip.  
Hope you do too. 
All the best,

WOW! Now that’s a great report. But it’s not an unusual report. At least for this past season. My trip last June was outstanding. Certainly one of my top three. Mike James and the Alabama gang had a great trip in early May. Most anglers have reported similar results. There is just not a better destination available if you enjoy catching the Giants of the Bull Redfish. 

Captain Keith can accommodate groups of 3 or 6. His packages are all inclusive with lodging, meals, guides, boats and even tackle provided. Give him a call today at (504) 908-3108 to set up your next fishing adventure to the beaches and bays of the Venice, LA Delta region for some world class light tackle fishing. 

Call me anytime and I'll get you hooked up with the Captain. Maybe you too will encounter and report on A TON of REDFISH! 

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