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Friday, September 10, 2010

Old Harbor Outfitters and Fishin' Expeditions Forge Alliance (September 2010)

Founded in 2006, Old Harbor Outfitters develops high performance technical products for today's serious fishermen, including apparel, sunglasses, bags, and fishing gear. The company is committed to bringing only the highest quality items to market, and tests all its products aboard some of today's most successful sport fishing boats to ensure that Old Harbor Outfitters' products provides fishermen with optimal performance on both land and sea. Old Harbor Outfitters is pleased to partner with David Fields and Fishin’ Expeditions in promoting our brand to all fishermen – keying in on the traveling expedition angler. “We feel our partnership with Fishin’ Expeditions will allow us to grow our brand and promote the fact that OHO makes the most innovative, technical apparel in the marketplace. On top of that we are providing the traveling angler with the proper apparel and gear they need to achieve maximum performance when fishing abroad.” (Steve Tempini – CEO). Old Harbor Outfitters and Fishin’ Expeditions look forward to showing you the higher evolution of fishing – OHO.

Founded in 2005, Fishin' Expeditions are sportfishing outfitters and purveyors of exotic custom tailored fishing trips featuring adventure destinations located throughout the Americas. Specializing in providing “fishing adventures of a lifetime” to clients from accross the globe, our company motto, "Sportfishing Outfitters with a passion for excellence" is a challenge we take personal with every client. "I can't tell you how pleased I am to be partnered with Old Harbor Outfitters. Although the co-branding relationship is new, my association with OHO goes back to 2007 when I first purchased their original Weatherproof Captains Bag...the perfect bag to withstand the elements of the Amazon Rain Forrest and keep my tackle and personal effects perfectly dry. OHO is driven by a leadership Team intensely focused on demanding quality and performance from all products offered under the OHO brand. Thourally tested by owners, staff and alliance partners like myself, you can be assured that products meet ridged requirements and tests prior to landing on the pages of an OHO catalog."

I encourage you to visit the Old Harbor Outfitters web site and investigate for yourself a line of gear that will meet the "destination specific" needs and challenges of Big Water and Freshwater Exotic anglers alike. If you find something you like, check back with me...I might find you a special code for your purchase.

Good fishin'


Thursday, September 9, 2010

AWESOME ACRES OF REDFISH...For your fishing pleasure.

DON"T MISS THESE 5 PHOTO'S ANGLING FRIENDS...I like 'grip and grin' pictures just as much as the next. Who doesn't like a good hoistm' and holdm' photo shoot. I'll be the first to jump up and grab a camera for a great shot of a fishin' expeditions client with their trophy. But these 5 photo's may represent the most incredible feeding frenzy you have ever seen. Acres of Giant Redfish recently photographed on a feeding binge near Whiskey Island, LA.

Click on Each Photo to Enlarge

Good fishin'

David Fields

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Expedition Amazon: 30 Days and Counting

If you can react quickly and secure your travel documents and flights you can be a part of this expedition. There are four (4) spaces available to be filled.

Greetings Friends,

Join us this October as we explore the tributaries and the Lost Lagoons of the Rio Negro. AFE is pleased to offer our clients an experience unlike any other in the Amazon. Aboard our luxury yacht, BELLE AMAZON you can comfortably explore this awesome fishery and enchanting part of the world. You will experience the fishing adventure of a lifetime and return home with incredible memories and appreciation of the Amazon region.

The yacht's amenities include fine dining, individual air conditioning controls for each room, room service, satellite phone and laundry service. The yacht features 8 double rooms with offset bunk beds and private baths.

The custom-designed bass boats are equipped with marine radios and GPS units. Aboard the BELLE AMAZON, you don't have to forego comfort and luxury to experience the legendary explosive strikes and tackle busting power of the Amazon's native Peacock Bass.

The group will total 16 anglers and presently there are four (4) places available. Give me a call soon for all the details if you are interested in joining this "hosted" trip. With just over 30 days before departure you must be flexible and able to act fast in securing your travel documents.

I look forward to joining you on the Rio Negro for an Amazon expedition into the interior reaches and the Lost Lagoons of the Amazon watershed of northern Brazil.

Don't miss an opportunity for these prime 2010 dates:

October 8-17, 2010
Expedition Amazon...Rio Negro
Aboard Belle Amazon
Explosive Peacock Action
On the Rio Negro - minimum 6 full days fishing

With International Outfitter David Fields and Expedition Amazon

For further information:
Email: david@fishinexpeditions.com
Phone Toll Free 877.755.4950

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