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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Golden Dorado of Salto Grande, Uruguay River: LaZona Update!

In Search of Gold... the Golden Dorado of the Uruguay River 

International Angler and Friend, Don C. 5/18
I last fished fished the Uruguay River Exclusive Tail Waters beneath the dam of Salto Grande reservoir located at the Argentina-Uruguay border in 2011. Man I miss that place! But my fishing partner and good friend, Gary C., has returned numerous times since that 2011 first trip. In fact, he will very quickly tell you that LaZona has become his very favorite fishing destination. PERIOD!

In the next few minutes you will see why Gary can't get enough of: 


Over the last few years I have heard some pretty incredible stories from Gary about this destination and the fresh water dynamo - the Golden Dorado – that reside in this river. After having been there myself and immersed in the challenge, I can verify that these astonishing accounts about the monster Dorados of LaZona were not simply “fish stories” but were absolutely genuine.

I use the word dynamo here because it has in its meaning…hard-working and tirelessly energetic. That describes what the locals call “The River Tiger” quite well…with razor sharp teeth and bone hard jaws, this golden torpedo often engages in leaping aerial displays 4-7 times, or more, per hook up.  No other destination in the world offers such Giants of the Golden Dorado like this Exclusive Tail Waters below the Salto Grande Dam. The fishery is rigorously restricted, controlled, managed and maintained. Government concessions are contracted annually for The Zone. 

Remember, these Salminus brasiliensis live in fast and highly turbulent waters. They are 10x strong because of it and they never let up after hook up. If you can manage to keep them “hooked up,” you’re in for a exhaustive tango with one of the hardest working and most tirelessly energetic freshwater game fish on the planet today! They will wear you out and take even the most “veteran” angler to the mat on more than several occasions. Until you become familiar with The River Tiger’s “game” you will find success rare in bringing the Golden Dynamo to the landing cradle.

AND NOW THE LAZONA UPDATE: 5/4 through 5/7/2018

Gary and his "texts"
Friday - 5/4/2018 -  5:53 PM 

Gary: Trip started out pretty good. "42 pounder the first day on my big Dorado Killer Spinner Bait. Water level is perfect for drifting spinner baits."

DF: I'd guess, "pretty good."

My 1st Generation Dorado Killer

Saturday - 5/5/2018 - 10:30 AM

"What a morning! 48 pounder on my spinner bait and new personal best 52# on topwater! Life is good!!!

Gary with 52# New Personal Best
DF: "What topwater were you using?"
Gary: "Kermett's New Breakaway Popper"
That's artisan Kermett Adams and his custom

LaZona Popper

Saturday - 5/5/2018 - 4:06 PM

"Another beautiful 50 pounder this afternoon!!! Unreal day!!!"

Gary with 50# River Tiger

Gary:"The heavens smiled on me today. That's for sure!!!"
Gary: "David, that new Abu Beast reel is the Best big reel EVER! It is flawless on those monster Dorado!!! I absolutely love it!!!"

Abu Garcia Beast
Sunday - 5/6?2018 - 10:31 AM

Gary: "This morning a 40 pounder and yet ANOTHER 50 pounder on my Dorado Killer Spinner Bait! And I will stop annoying you with pics! :-)"

You're not annoying, Gary. But we are envious! 
Monday - 5/7/2018

Gary: "A 4th 50 pounder this afternoon on the spinner bait. Don had 3 @38# and a 46 pounder!"

Tuesday - 5/8/2018 - Trip Summary

Gary: Don finished with several 30-40 pounders and then a 46, 47 and a 48 pounder!!! The fish here are getting bigger! AND we caught fewer small fish than ever before!!! Very few under 24#! You see the results. GIANTS. Amazing!!!

Gary: My final tally: 30, 32, 32, 36,36,38,40,40,42,48,50,50,50 and PB 52 pounder!!! Unbelievable trip! I have now been to Fisherman Heaven!

Looking for the fishing adventure of a lifetime? This one sits right at the top. Think of it this way. In approximately one square mile over 20 world records of various classes have been taken for this species including the IGFA All Tackle World Record caught by Andrea L.S. de Bolto on 1/11/2006. It weighed in officially at 25.28 Kg (55# 1oz.) Many other River Tigers are reported to have been caught over 56# and up through 60 plus pounds but have not been officially weighed, submitted and certified. I'm sure the reports are mostly correct.

And that friends, is  


In Search of Gold... the Golden Dorado of the Uruguay River 

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Redfish Rumble Begins

The Redfish Rumble Begins in the Delta! 
This fishing the Americas Report just in from 
Captain Keith Kennedy.

Two day Fishing Report (July 17-18) from Venice, Louisiana. Ideal fishing conditions prevail with light winds with scattered showers. Overcast skies provided very comfortable fishing for mid July. The early morning bite was exceptional - basically on every cast. We fished under pelicans diving on bait fish. The Big Bull Redfish are moving in and setting up in their usual locations on 3 to 4 foot mud flats on the east side of the river. Due to high river flow this spring and early summer the Bull Redfish did not set up per their normal routine until early/mid July. Normally the Redfish would be setting up on the beaches and mud flats in early May and June. We experienced a number of very disappointing trips early spring and summer but things have turned around in a dramatic fashion in the past two weeks!  Bull Redfish should continue to flood onto the mud flats off of the Mississippi Delta for the remainder of the summer and into the fall. I expect exceptional catches from now through November. __Captain Keith 

 If you want to experience some of the best fishing for Giant Bull Redfish contact Captain Keith for availability.

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World Class Redfish Rumble Action on Light Tackle!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Welcome to Spybaiting: The Technique of Silent Capture

Realistically, Spybaiting a.k.a the technique of "Silent Capture" is still in its infancy.

Perhaps not so much within the green and brown bass communities, although there is still volumes to learn there as well, but certainly when considering other species. So for all you Spybaiting enthusiasts don't shout me down before you hear me out!

There are applications awaiting to be developed with the Silent Capture finesse technique in both freshwater and saltwater. Pioneers of this technique, like David Swendseid, are bringing to the forefront professional and engaging instruction via fast paced yet detailed and informative video presentations. 

For we gray-tones and old school deep water hounds it is reminiscent of our days learning and then refining the technique of "Spoonplugging" with instructions from pioneers and legends like E. L. "Buck" Perry. Or, Carl Lowrance, who we remember in 1959 began full production of the first mass produced recreational fish finder...the Fish Lo-K-Tor or more commonly called, "The Little Green Box." That "little green box," as the Fish Lo-K-Tor became known, soon revolutionized sports fishing across all waters of the globe. 

My point: "Pioneers" delivering technique and tool are always, on mission. So today we have a relatively new technique with new educators like Swendseid and new creators...artisans like Masahiro Adachi developing and perfecting tools like the Realis Spinbait 80 and 90 or the Realis Spinbait 80 G-Fix. 

This grey-tone for one is just as excited today to learn the technique of Silent Capture as I was 50 years ago learning to understand the blips and blinks of stumps and contour changes on the dial on my first Lowrance. 

Thanks Mr. Adachi - Thanks David, for bringing us Realis SpyBaiting, your way! 

Now, absorb the video:  Welcome to Spybaiting: The Technique of Silent Capture

Welcome to Spybaiting: The Technique of Silent Capture

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