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Friday, November 13, 2009

A Straight Forward Recommendation About Evacuation Insurance...

We Traveling Anglers MUST Have It!

Like many of you, I've subscribed to more than one or two of the Evacuation Providers policies over the years. I've often wondered, while visiting a remote destination in a far away country like the Lost Lagoons deep in the interior of the Amazon Rain Forrest, just how it would work should an accident occur and the need arise.

Recently I observed a friend and client as they unfortunately had to utilize the services of a provider due to an accidental fall in a boat which resulted in a severe injury. The outcome was, suffice it to say, less than desirable and the decisions of the provider were questionable. After I witnessed my friends unfortunate experience I knew I would spend some serious research hours evaluating the various companies offering evacuation services...for myself and my family members and my clients as well. After several inquiries of other's in the industry; after counseling with referrals I contacted and after much deliberation I settled on Global Rescue. Global Rescue is an emergency services company that provides best-in-class medical, aeromedical evacuation, search and rescue and security services to individuals, corporations, travelers and members of fishin' expeditions worldwide.

Global Rescue is committed to keeping our clients and its members safe. They provide the highest level of medical and security from the world's top experts and emergency evacuations from around the globe.

The world is a dangerous place. Whether it’s a car accident, heart attack, broken limb, infectious disease, natural disaster, sectarian conflict or other emergency event or threat of bodily harm, Global Rescue provides our clients the ability to control dangerous and difficult situations. If you're a Global Rescue member and are injured or become ill while traveling, their physicians and Johns Hopkins’ specialists will advise you. If you're hospitalized--or need hospitalization--and want to be evacuated to a medical facility of your choice, the very best-in-class air service providers will transport you. If you need to find a local health care provider, Global Rescue will locate one for you. If you need to be rescued from a dangerous situation, their special operations trained operators will get you out. These are just a few of the services that Global Rescue provides to members in need.

Most people aren't aware of the serious deficiencies of their health insurance, travel insurance, platinum card program or SOS hot line service. These programs do not respond timely and do not have in-house medical and security professionals to deploy to your location anywhere on the planet to solve your crisis. Global Rescue has a proven track record of success under the most difficult conditions.

When you're away from home, how will you get to the life saving medical treatment you or a family member needs? In an emergency, you need reliable advice to make the right decision, and an evacuation to a medical facility you can trust. We know that Global Rescue provides both.

Global Rescue picks up where travel insurance leaves off, and that is a very big "where."

If you suffer a heart attack, stroke, contract a life-threatening virus, or find yourself in a severe medical situation in a remote location, what do you do? Typical travel insurance companies very rarely pay for a medical evacuation - the cost of which is measured in the tens of thousands of dollars. And if they do, they'll take you to the "closest appropriate hospital." Your definition of "appropriate" will be vastly different from theirs when it's your life on the line.

Global Rescue's air ambulance services, real-time medical advice from specialists at John Hopkins, and deployable paramedics and security teams made up of special operations veterans are included in the price of a membership, which starts at $119. And they will get you home!
I strongly recommend that all of our clients invest in an evacuation policy whether short term (per trip) or on an annual basis. Global Rescue is my choice for that service provider.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Jim Vescovi Ranks Trophy Bass Lodge as one of top three trips!

Jim writes, "David.... Just returned from the Lodge on 11/6/09. We had a blast at Trophy Bass Lodge and I am sure that we would have caught twice as many fish if that hurricane had not come through.... but 100 fish a day up to 8# is not all that bad. We understand as die hard fisherman that nobody can control the weather, and we just make the best of things. Luis learned some fishing tips from us as well. I used a lure that he was fascinated by. It was a simple white 3/8 oz. bucktail with a white painted head, and tipped with a small fin-s. We caught over 400 bass over a 4 day period. The food was fantastic !!! The cook was second to none. He was great !!!! The accommodations were super and the everything was done on a timely fashion. It was very organized. Thanks again for helping to make this one of our top 3 trips that we have ever taken. Jim Vescovi"

That is me smiling...Frank is the one who does not have a smile...but he has a Big Fish!

Action Continues on the Rodeo Circuit around south pass!

Good friend Gary Clark has just returned once again from three days of romping with the Bull’s…that’s right, the Bull Red’s around south pass are back in the arena! Once again, Captain Keith Kennedy appears to have them corralled as he has most of this past season. Along with Gary on this trip was his rodeo partners Jim Quinn and Tom Gantt, both long time veterans to Captain Kennedy’s Camp located in Venice, LA. Gary reports 75 Giant Bull’s and a bunch of bonus sea trout as well. Here’s Gary with a AAA Bull for this event!


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