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Friday, September 5, 2014

Amazon Fishing Adventures' Ultimate Peacock Bass Fishing Destination Resource

Amazon Fishing Adventures Fly-In Floating Expedition Camps

The Ultimate for Remote Shallow Water Mobility without sacrificing comfort!

Amazon Fishing Adventures Fly-In Floating Expedition Camp

Looking for a remote jungle adventure but want to stay mobile. Then look no further than the AFA Fly-In Floating Expedition Camps for the ultimate in Peacock Bass Fishing. The floating bungalow cabins cruise the shallow tributaries that feed the "lost and secluded lagoons" the Monster Peacock Bass like to call home. The floating caravan of four to six bungalows traverse these tributaries to get you to the best fishing locations as current conditions dictate. That may be an all or partial day move while you fish. But have no concern of being passed by, your camp will be ready when you arrive following a full and fatigued day of battling the Red-Eyed Monsters. Remoteness, coupled with exclusive fishing permissions in private fisheries and the ability to stay mobile as fishing conditions change on the river is primarily why the Floating Expedition Camps have become the most sought after adventure of Peacock Bass fishing fanatics. 

Amazon Fishing Adventures Fly-In Floating Expedition Camp

Amazon Fishing Adventures offers the Ultimate in Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Resource with the Fly-In Floating Expedition Camps.

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