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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Explosions Extraordinaire: Peacock Bass Attacks

I’m often asked what it is about the Peacock bass that causes the addiction that becomes a passionate pursuit for the legions of anglers who overly obsess with their annual foray(s) to South America and the tributaries and “lost lagoons” of the Amazon water shed. I think maybe I’ve found a film clip that best portrays the cause…ENJOY!

International Angler, Blogger and Friend Bob Daly Reports on his Monster Tigerfish Trip to Tanzania

I was able to fish for monster tigerfish on the Mnyera River and Ruhudji Rivers in Tanzania last week. Had a group of 4 which included friends, Cole Lundquist, Steve Ryan, Dane Lundquist and myself. Steve Ryan had fished these rivers last year while this was the first tigerfish adventure for the rest of the group.

We flew on KLM for Chicago to Amsterdam then to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. He overnighted in the Sea Cliff Hotel in DAR before taking a charter flight to the fishing rivers.

The lodge on the Mnyera River consists of private, spacious safari type tents with private hot shower and toilet.

You drift down the river fishing different sections of the river each day. The biggest tigerfish on the trip were all caught on the Mnyera River. Cole landed monsters of 22.5lbs and 21lbs. Steve landed trophy tigers of 20lbs and 19lbs. I landed a trophy at 18lbs. All of us caught numers other trophies in the teens. A trophy tigerfish is normally any over 10lbs.

Dane Lundquist took time off from catching monster tigerfish to try his luck at big game hunting. Dane tagged along with a professional hunter and saw a monster 15 ft croc bagged. On our last day, Dane hunted a few hours and bagged a monster trophy cape buffalo which measured 45 inches. This is a trophy where many serious AFrican Big Game Hunters never equal in years of hunting. Dane hunted with Kilombero North Safaris.
Lots of wildlife was observed by all during the trip especially on the ride from the Mnyera River over to the Ruhudji River and back. You go by jeep driving through the jungle. Lots of elephant, eland, warthog, cape buffalo and others were seen. Numberous hippos, baboons, and monster crocs were observed each day on the Mnyera River.

I highly recommend this fishing experience.
We can see why you would Bob. If you're interested in an expedition to Mnyera or Ruhudji Rivers for these toothy torpedo's give me a call or drop me a line...I've got the go-to guy for an adventure to the Dark Continent.
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