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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fishing the Americas Friend Greg Thompson Organizes Special Amazon Adventure

Two veterans of the Peacock Bass Fraternity, friend Greg Thompson and his buddy Bobby Foster, return recently from an Amazon Fishing Adventure aboard the Santana with with a testimony better than any fish story. 

[Photo credit Greg Thompson (center) and Kansas City Star]

"But most of all they talked about friendships."

“We coined a phrase, ‘Have a Bobby Foster Day.’ Bobby always has a great attitude. He’s always exactly where he wants to be, with who he wants to be with, and doing what he wants to do.
“This trip was about Bobby. This was Bobby’s time.”

Thompson organized a party of 11 of Foster’s friends for a trip back to the Amazon River Adventures business that had guided them in the past. Thompson had special shirts made, the staff threw parties in Foster’s honor, and the fishermen sat around and swapped fish stories of past trips.

Read the full story by Brent Frazee  in the Kansas City Star:

BTW…Peacockbass fishing wasn't to bad according to Greg Thompson…this PeacockBass veteran had two PeacockBass monsters over 20# and the big PeacockBass of the week was 23# caught by another veteran, Nelson Burnell.

PeacockBass Fishing in the Amazon: An Experience Unlike Any Other!

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