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Monday, November 29, 2010

Golden Dorado of South America

Advanced Angling Aerial Acrobaticsbrought to you by the exciting Golden Dorado of South America. Enjoy this incredible video filmed in Bolivia and the upper reaches of the Amazon.

Don’t start the video and give up to soon for lack of “fish on” action. The first part is in itself, great documentary video edit. But FISH ON starts at about 4:20 in and its action packed aerial acrobatics on the fly to the end! The music score is awesome as well.

Perhaps like me you too have an exotic destination or two on your bucket list of angling adventures. For me, it is the Golden Dorado of South America. I have several angling friends who have made this trip…I’ve read their reports and listened to their stories and accounts. Now I’m ready for an Argentina adventure and an encounter with the Golden Torpedo of my own.

This clip does not include the Biggest Dorado of the World. That title goes to the area below the El Salto Grande Dam located on the Uruguay River separating Uruguay and Argentina in an area known as La Zona. Maybe the next clip will be from La Zona. Enjoy.

David Fields
International Angler/Outfitter

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