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Monday, January 20, 2014

New Amazon PeacockBass Destination Added for 2014-2015


The Araca Safari Camp

eNEWS! Amazon Fishing Adventures adds Premier Amazon Destinations: the Exciting Fly-In “Headwaters Camps.”

Rio Araca  -   Rio Caures  -  Rio Alegria

         We are excited to add these to our Amazon Peacock Bass Destination offerings!

The Araca Safari Camp located at the headwater of the Araca River, a tributary of the Rio Negro. Amazon Fishing Adventures brings you this spectacular Amazon fishing adventure with the remoteness of a Safari Camp. Anglers will enjoy and experience an extremely comfortable, remote safari-style, fly-in camp located deep in the Headwaters of the Rio Negro Tributaries that cannot be accessed by any other outfitters. Our operation will be fishing the picturesque, and productive, fishing waters of the Rio Araca (a tributary of the Rio Negro).

This extremely remote operation is a self-sustained floating lodge with its own propulsion for total mobility and comfort offering you a genuine jungle feel, as you enjoy the serene nights snuggled within the rainforest. 

The Araca Safari Camp offers accommodations for 8 anglers, with private bath, hot and cold showers, ample air-conditioned suites with 2 twin beds (no bunks), air-conditioned dining room, inner walkways, daily laundry service and an observation deck within the tree line.

This is a unique operation being offered to our Anglers, many of which have fished this river and have been waiting for the opportunity to come and fish this water once again. The floating lodge moves along the river as the days go by, with fishing “at its best” within the locations of this region. Anglers are taken in to the Araca Safari Camp, 308 miles as the crow flies, (398 river miles) via Float Plane direct from Manaus to start their 6-days of pure fishing action. English-speaking Guides and Staff will make sure your stay is the best during your 
Amazon Jungle Experience.
Wildlife is all around you, so don't be surprised when you see birds, monkeys, tapers, otters, and maybe even a jaguar on the banks. 

Due to the nature of our new destination, there is a limited amount of openings with 8 anglers per week. Call today for more information and reservations. Make your reservations early for 2014/2015! 

Toll Free:  (844) 6AMAZON (626-2966)

PeacockBass fishing in the Amazon: A fishing adventure like no other!

David Fields

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40 year international angling veteran. 10 years hosting fishing fin'atics to exotic angling destinations located throughout the Americas. Blogger, freelance writer and media specialist.

Amazon Fishing Adventures

NEW Exclusive Amazon Destination

Amazon Fishing Adventures Rio Araca Fly-In Safari Camp

Amazon Fishing Adventures (AFA), now directing the South America destination offerings of fishin' expeditions, purveyors of exotic fishing adventures to the Amazon basin for the past ten years, becomes US Agent for the New Exclusive Rio Araca Safari Camp adding to AFA's growing list of Brazil's premier Peacock Bass fishing destinations.

All New Amazon Fishing Adventures web portal Coming Soon!

"Aligning with the premier outfitters and operators of the region, and after extensive due diligence, AFA focuses on developing customized angling adventure tours for individuals, groups and corporate programs. Our vast network of pre-qualified and first class operators allows us the ability to select from the best and then custom design your fishing adventure of a lifetime. Whether your choice is a luxury yacht, a classic riverboat, a floating expedition camp or a lodge on the Rio, AFA can place you with the best in the region. With Amazon Fishing Adventures you can be assured of a professional, responsive and dedicated team located in the US with an alliance of top shelf operators located in South America. Most importantly, you can be assured that you are placing your confidence and trust in an alliance of outfitters with unsurpassed experience and dedicated personnel. "Peacock Bass Fishing in the Amazon: A Fishing Adventure Like No Other." It's our specialty!"

David Fields

40 year international angling veteran. 10 years hosting fishing fin'atics to exotic angling destinations located throughout the Americas. Blogger, freelance writer and media specialist.
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