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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Venice, LA Monster Bull Red Fishing

Great reports are coming in from Captain Keith Kennedy. Conditions are prime and the early summer bite is excellent!

I'm heading down to the Venice camp early next week with good friends and veteran Redfish anglers Gary Clark and Jeff Stagg. As you can see above, our last trip to the Delta together was pretty outstanding.

That was our first foray out to the bayous and beaches loaded with the new El Grande Boom R Ang. If you look close in the photo's the Boom R Ang was the bait of choice that week. BUT, that was with the "standard bass mix" Boom R Ang plastic. This trip we are armed with the updated "salt water" grade plastic and with some new species specific color combinations. 

I'll be reporting from Venice Camp next week with fresh destination information and a review on the El Grande Saltwater Boom R Ang! Look for reports on the Fishing the Americas Blog.

Good fishin'

David Fields

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Peacock Bass Story ~ Rendezvous on the Unini River

Our feature article "Rendezvous on the Unini" part 1 appears in the June edition of IS Outdoors Magazine. With this edition a new audio option is available. Listen and immerse yourself in Rendezvous on the Unini. The Fishing the Americas column appears monthly. Subscribe to the free on line IS Outdoors magazine at www.isoutdoors.com/media

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