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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Introducing Duo Realis "Fang Ops"

Introducing Duo Realis "Fang Ops" 

"Going Beast Mode."

"Mr. Fang" Kazuhiro Uyama is along with Mr. Adachi now in Papua New Guinea chasing Papuan Bass and he brought some heavy tools this time. 

Yes, what you can see are three sizes of Fangbaits and just to let you know, the smallest one is 120mm.



"What do you tie on your rod when you plan to target  a 20kg Papuan bass, 40 kg barramundi or 100kg arapaima? What tackle generates enough confidence to tie it on even when fighting a world cass record fish? The answer - the Fangbait series. Developed by Kazuhiro Uyama and tested on his many trips to chase the greatest of world predators, Fangbait aims to become a staple in "beast hunters" tackle boxes. As a pioneering model for Fang Ops brand, it represents the concept of building some of the toughest lures in the world to the fullest."

Coming soon, the Realis design concept, so stay tuned here at Fishing the Americas.

 Duo Realis Fang Ops Fangbait

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