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Monday, June 11, 2012

Golden Dorado of Salto Grande, Uruguay River

In Search of Gold... the Golden Dorado of the Uruguay River Exclusive Tail Waters

In October 2011 I finally had the fortunate opportunity to fish the Uruguay River Exclusive Tail Waters beneath the dam of Salto Grande reservoir located at the Argentina-Uruguay border. Over the last few years I had heard some pretty incredible stories about this destination and the fresh water dynamo - the Golden Dorado – that reside in this river. After having been there and immersed in the challenge, I can verify that these astonishing accounts about the monster Dorados of Salto Grande were not simply “fish stories” but were absolutely genuine.

I use the word dynamo here because it has in its meaning…hard-working and tirelessly energetic. That describes what the locals call “The River Tiger” quite well…with razor sharp teeth and bone hard jaws, this golden torpedo often engages in leaping aerial displays 4-7 times, or more, per hook up. No other destination in the world offers such Giants of the Golden Dorado like this Exclusive Tail Waters below the Salto Grande Dam. The fishery is rigorously restricted, controlled, managed and maintained. Government concessions are contracted to one outfitter on the Argentina side of the River and one outfitter on the Uruguay side.

Remember, these Salminus brasiliensis live in fast and highly turbulent waters. They are 10x strong because of it and they never let up after hook up. If you can manage to keep them “hooked up,” you’re in for a exhaustive tango with one of the hardest working and most tirelessly energetic freshwater game fish on the planet today! They will wear you out and take even the most “veteran” angler to the mat on more than several occasions. Until you become familiar with The River Tiger’s “game” you will find success rare in bringing the Golden Dynamo to the landing cradle.

Looking for the fishing adventure of a lifetime? This one sits right at the top. Think of it this way. In approximately one square mile over 20 world records of various classes have been taken for this species. It is estimated that in the last three seasons over 500 Dorado have been successfully landed over 40#.

We are pleased to be aligned with Luis Browns’ River Plate Dorado’s, outfitters for the Uruguay side. I can assure you that River Plate Dorado’s fits the bill in keeping with our mottosport fishing outfitters with a passion for excellence.”

Patrick Brown, the operations manager and host for River Plate Dorado’s, as well as the entire staff and support crew share this same passion for “exceeding the expected.”

Your accommodations, fine dining and amenities at the Hotel Horacio Quiroga Thermal Spa and Resort take this destination to the top of our list of exotic sport fishing destinations! Plan a fishin’ expedition someday soon in search of the “River Tiger” or the Golden Dorado of the Uruguay River.

Your fishing adventure of a lifetime is just a phone call away…call anytime!

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