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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two Giant Peacock Bass Caught by First Timer Jake Lambert

Every so often it just happens...a "newbie" gets into the zone real quick and is willing to put forth the intense effort that goes with the territory...that is, the passionate pursuit of the explosive Peacock bass. On his first trip to the Amazon's Rio Negro earlier this month Jake Lambert caught the drift...got in the zone and hammered out TWO GIANT PEACOCK'S of 20# each.

Here's what Jake had to say about his first trip to the Amazon with Amazon Fishing Expeditions aboard the Belle Amazon in early October 2010.

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience that the trip on the Rio Negro was. I knew that it would be a fun and exciting time, but expectations were exceeded by a huge margin!

The terrain was absolutely beautiful and completely remote. I was astonished at the vastness of the area that we were fishing, and the immense variety of wildlife that we saw.

The boat staff and guides were fantastic, and really were there to serve, but at the same time, to ensure our comfort and safety. I couldnt belive what good fisherman that the guides were, and that they knew the territory so well (we covered over 100 miles of the Rio Negro Basin!).

The accommodations and equipment were first rate! From the Belle Amazon to the bass boats, from the tackle to the toilets!
Everything was nice!

The fishing experience was the most intense and physically demanding fishing that i have ever done. And you know where i am from and all of the crazy things that we do! Ha! We caught "numbers" and "size".

Lastly, as with any experience, it is about the "people" that make a trip like this so special. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the other fishermen on the boat, and developing friendships that will last.

My only regret of the whole trip is that i didnt commandeer the kitchen one night and cook up a good old cajun feast for the whole boat!

Anyhow, the trip was a total success that exceeded my wildest expectations. I definately will be back. Hopefully soon!

Let me know when you come down south, and we will make a fishing trip to the marsh!"

Thanks again!
Jake Lambert
St. Amant, LA

Give me a call soon to book your "Fishing Adventure of a Lifetime" to the Amazon's Rio Negro. I'll take care of the details...while you take care of the fishin'!

David Fields International Outfitter david@fishinexpeditions.com


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