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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

GoldenDorado Fishing Report: New World Record?

The most recent report for South American GoldenDorado fishing includes one massive behemoth of the species, Salmius maxillosus. Check this out!

According to Amazon Angler Steve Townson, his client/angler Andrei Bylchynski “is responsible for catching the largest Golden Dorado ever recorded in South America. At well over 60lbs, if it would have been weighed officially on land, it would have broken the World Record by an estimated 6-8 lbs.”

The massive Golden Dorado was caught while casting a deep diving Rapala X Rap in the world famous tail waters of Salto Grande on the Uruguay River, Uruguay, SA. in the area known as “La Zona” [The Zone]. It is reported that when the behemoth was weighed on a 60lb boga grip, it bottomed out the internal scale. 

This fish certainly appears to be one of the largest Golden Dorado ever landed, perhaps the largest! Under IGFA (International Game Fish Association) certification guidelines any attempt to establish a certified record would require the specimen to be weighed on land. The fish was not and therefore a challenge to the all tackle world record * will not be forthcoming. If it would have been properly weighed on land and the numerous other certification details completed correctly it would have most likely entered the record books as a new All Tackle World Record.

[*Record presently stands at 55 pounds 11 ounces] 

We reported to you a few weeks ago of another angler in the group with angler Scott Krug who reported a Golden Dorado catch in early November of a giant well over 50#. There have been numerous others reported to landing cradle over the 55 pounds 11 ounces, the current world record mark as well. We have no doubt that these giants reside in the tails waters below Salto Grande and are being landed with more regularity.

There is no denying, this is one giant Golden and a magical catch for Andrei. 
But it leaves me with this comment to my angling brothers. Somebody please, when you land the next “River Tiger” of this magnitude, with all due respect and caution, run that puppy to land, weigh it on a certified scale, measure it, clip the line, take a few proper photo’s, clean up any necessary IGFA certification loose ends, get that Golden Torpedo back in the water and then let’s move this bar up to 60# or more where it appears that it should legitimately now rest. 
Congratulations Angler Andrei Bylchynski. Hats off to you and your tremendous catch!
Congratulation Amazon Angler’s Steve Townson, Untamed Angling and LaZona.

If GoldenDorado fishing is on your angling bucket list, contact us soon for all the details and schedule a trip to the World Famous Exclusive Tail Waters of Grande Salto, Uruguay, and the area know as LaZona!

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