Jul 30, 2010 | Fishing the Americas...a sportfishing journal

Friday, July 30, 2010

Delta Area Opened Once Again to Sportfishing

This just in from Captain Keith:

"AS OF 6PM yesterday....... I FEEL AS IF I JUST FOUND MY LOST CHILD, THAT HAS BEEN MISSING FOR THREE MONTHS. Great news and along with that news, the first fishing report to come out of previously closed waters. Dave Iverson a friend of mine that was fishing today made a short 45 minute drift across SE Pass ( Previously Closed ) and caught seven BULL REDS between 30 and 42lbs. He told me it was unbelievable the number of big fish he saw busting mullet out of the water...I really don't think I'm being premature in saying --- IT'S ON --- and the fish seem to be in a feeding frenzy! Anyone interested in fishing , basically virgin waters, let me know ASAP...Remember --- These fish have not seen a fishing lure in three months !!! Thank you for your patience during these trying times...... Capt.Keith Kennedy
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