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Sunday, May 30, 2010


The "Top Kill" in this case was not lethal. What is lethal is this open wound in the earths crust. At this point, the greatest minds in the world have found no solution (and BP has access to those minds)...the greatest country in the world with the availability of advanced and superior resources; endless governmental agencies just waiting to be called into action; local, state and national leaders of every rank no doubt stand ready to assist...but the wound continues to bleed. Yet today BP PLC reportedly said it would focus on containment rather than plugging the undersea puncture wound, effectively redirecting the mess it made rather than stopping it.

"We failed to wrestle this beast to the ground," said BP Managing Director Bob Dudley.

So Mr. Dudley, in your estimation and in behalf of BP, how long do you expect this will last, this "direction of containment only" have not been overly effective in containment thus far? Do you just pause for a while in your efforts to plug and hope that this August or September your relief well will be successful? Or maybe until this formation just simply produces itself out?

I'm sorry but that dog just won't hunt...that answer just won't due. Perhaps Mr. Dudley, BP should jump back on that beast!
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