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Friday, March 26, 2010

Giant Bull Reds...On The Beach Video!

The Bull Reds ...On The Beach Artical from the FTA Sportfishing Journal is featured in this months edition of SPORTSMAN'S NEWS. Pick up a copy at Sportsman's Warehouse or you can view it here in the blog. Simply look for the Cotober 31, 2009 post.
NOW VIEW THE VIDEO: For viewing video in HD Click Here

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Answer: Captain Ed Bussards' Bass Challenger Guide Service

For all of you who have been asking who and where my friend Gary got "hooked up" with his "teener," a13# personal best last month. Well, here's the story...and it's not one of the Hot Lakes of Mexico.

If you haven't already... meet Capt Ed Bussard. That's him above left and here's where you can find out the particulars about this central Florida Lakes and St. John's River Giant Bass Guru:

While your there checking out the details on Capt Ed you might as well spend a few minutes reading one of the most phenomenal reports I've read in a long time. The St. John's River, seems I was told that the St. John's was "finished" years ago. Obviously...NOT!

Read this!

St Johns River March 18, 2010

This is a report where I really don't know where to start.

Devin Ranck (That's Devin in the center and right picture s above) called me a few weeks back and booked a 6 hr trip for today March 18 2010. Devin works out of the Country but makes his home in Central FL and he was coming home for a short vacation and wanted to book a Trophy Bass Trip as he was still looking for that 10 LB Trophy Bass.

I met Devin at the boat ramp this morning at 7 am and we were fishing by 7:15 am.First shiner to enter the water was inhaled by a 9 1/4 pound fish close but not 10 pounds. Then things got really crazy and this is where I am going to have trouble remembering every detail. But here we go.....

Devin started catching a fish on every shiner put in the water and they just kept getting BIGGER and BIGGER. Neither Devin or myself have a clue as to how many fish were caught for a total but what we do know is how many were between 8 and 10.8 pounds and that number is 10 FISH. These are the fish that were weighed on my Boga Grip Certified Scale and photo's were taken of each fish.

Weighs were:
10.8 , 10.0, 9.12, 9.8, 9.8, 9.4 8.12, 8.8, 8.8 & 8.4

I know this is hard to believe and I am very happy that my very good friend Hank Gallagher was on the river close by and seen Devin catching big fish after big fish.Hank finally came over and parked his boat to watch the action and see the picture's being taken.

Capt Ed Bussard

You can see all of the photo's of Devins trophy's here: http://www.basschallenger.com/fishing_report.php

In fact, you can read a couple of additional reports and see the photo's that accompany those reports about this incredible fishery found right here at home in central Florida.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Captain Keith Reporting in...The Reds are Ready!

Monday, March 15th, 2010 fishing report...Venice, LA ----- Too many fish to count, we kept 20 keepers and after that it was all catch and release. Average weight was 8 to 12lbs with a few Big Girls mixed in and a dozen nice trout. Big fish for the past couple of days was 24 to 30lbs...five or six. We really never fished the outside beaches where the bigger fish are. We fished the inside bays and marsh but lots of action. For a group of Russians from Washington DC it was perfect! Captain Keith.

Well friends, Bull Season is open and it just gets better as the months progress into summer. Slots available but weeks are filling fast. Watch for my Bull Reds article in Sportsmans News next month.

Friday, March 5, 2010


The Belle of the Amazon

Join us this October as we explore the tributaries of the Rio Negro. AFE is pleased to offer our clients an experience unlike any other in the Amazon. Aboard our luxury yacht, The Belle of the Amazon you can comfortably explore this awesome fishery and enchanting part of the world. You will experience the fishing adventure of a lifetime and return home with a new knowledge and appreciation of the Amazon region.

The yacht's amenities include fine dining, individual air conditioning controls for each room, room service, satellite phone and laundry service. The yacht features 8 double rooms with offset bunk beds and private baths.

The custom-designed bass boats are equipped with marine radios and GPS units. Aboard the BELLE AMAZON, you don't have to forego comfort and luxury to experience the legendary explosive strikes and tackle busting power of the Amazon's native Peacock Bass.
We have reserved the Belle of the Amazon again this year for the following prime dates:

***OCTOBER 8th - 17th, 2010***

The group will total 16 anglers and presently there are eight (8) places available. Give me a call soon for all the details if you are interested in joining this "hosted" trip.

I look forward to joining you on the Rio Negro for an expedition into the interior reaches and the Lost Lagoons of the Amazon watershed of northern Brazil.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

from the Outdoor Wire:

Industry Snapshot:
Southwick Associates has announced the brands and products anglers preferred most in 2009. This list has been compiled from the 34,185 internet-based surveys completed by anglers.

In 2009, top brands included:

• Top rod brand: Shakespeare Ugly Stik (16.4% of all purchases)
• Top reel brand: Shimano (23.0% of all purchases)
• Top rod and reel combo brand: Shakespeare (25.7% of all purchases)
• Top fishing line producer: Pure Fishing's Berkley line (Trilene, Fireline, Big Game, Vanish) (42.6% of all purchases)
• Top hard bait brand: Rapala (30.6% of all purchases)
• Top soft bait brand: Zoom (16.8% of all purchases)
• Top spinner bait brand: Strike King (16.6% of all purchases)
• Top hook brand: Eagle Claw (34.5% of all purchases)
• Top sinker brand: Bullet Weight (19.0% of all purchases)
• Top fly rod brand: Sage (16.7% of all purchases)
• Top fly reels brand: Orvis (11.1% of all purchases)
• Top fly combo brand: St. Croix (18.0% of all purchases)
• Top fly line brand: Scientific Angler (28.8% of all purchases)
• Top fly brand: Orvis and Cabelas tied (11.0% of all purchases, each)
• Top fly leader brand: Rio (28.4% of all purchases)
• Top fly tying material brand: White River (60.5% of all purchases)
• Top fish finder or sonar brand: Humminbird (42.9% of all purchases)
• Top tackle box brand: Plano (55.8% of all purchases)
• Top landing net brand: Frabill (20.2% of all purchases)
• Top fishing knife brand: Rapala (22.6% of all purchases)

* 48% of all fishing tackle purchases involve terminal tackle (hooks, sinkers, swivels, etc.)

* Largemouth bass remain the number one targeted species of freshwater fish, with nearly 60% of fishing activity targeting largemouth bass.

* Saltwater anglers were more varied, with 25% of trips targeting any fish that bites, followed by striped bass (23%), flounder (21%), red drum (20%) and seatrout (20%). Please note these refer to species targeted on trips and not the number of fish actually caught.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Early in February River Plate Anglers reported that angler, Mr.George Walters caught the World Record Butterfly Peacock Bass which weighed slightly over 17lbs. The record is pending certification by IGFA. The butterfly peacock was caught on the Rio Urubaxi in the Brazilian Amazon on a topwater prop lure.

February has turned out to be quite a month for the Peacock Bass world...of the hundreds of anglers that trek to the Amazon watershed on an annual basis and now two world records may change with Giants caught from the Rio Negro region!

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