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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Return to the Delta...Day 2 Report Red Hot Red Fish Action

Every so often you have "ONE OF THOSE DAYS"... know what I mean?

Everything lined up perfect today for just that kinda' day. Tides right, wind right, seas right. Mostly non stop action 8:30 am - 2:00 pm ...doubles and triples of "fish on" frequently. 83 Bull Reds up to Jeff' Staggs 36# Giant...4 over 30#...a bakers dozen over 25#. Several have emailed me and yes, I plan to have some video clips of some of the action. But I will have to get it edited first. So for now if you want to see some video of this kind off action slip on over to our Monster Bulls on the Beach video page.

Day 3 Report in about 24 hours. Stay tuned!

Return to the Delta...The Bull Red Fish are Home!

Fishin' Expeditions 8/24/10 PM Report!

Fishin' is just as awesome as ever around the Delta. Day one produced 35 Red's to 35# with a 30# Jack thrown in for some additional excitement! Conditions are great...beaches are clean...water is clean and color is perfect. Day two looks great...1' - 2' seas...5-10 wind...92 degrees...sure it's hot but the GIANT BULL RED FISHIN' IS HOT right now as well! And throw in a Giant Jack Crevalle for some additional excitement makes for a great day on the beach!

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