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Friday, March 5, 2010


The Belle of the Amazon

Join us this October as we explore the tributaries of the Rio Negro. AFE is pleased to offer our clients an experience unlike any other in the Amazon. Aboard our luxury yacht, The Belle of the Amazon you can comfortably explore this awesome fishery and enchanting part of the world. You will experience the fishing adventure of a lifetime and return home with a new knowledge and appreciation of the Amazon region.

The yacht's amenities include fine dining, individual air conditioning controls for each room, room service, satellite phone and laundry service. The yacht features 8 double rooms with offset bunk beds and private baths.

The custom-designed bass boats are equipped with marine radios and GPS units. Aboard the BELLE AMAZON, you don't have to forego comfort and luxury to experience the legendary explosive strikes and tackle busting power of the Amazon's native Peacock Bass.
We have reserved the Belle of the Amazon again this year for the following prime dates:

***OCTOBER 8th - 17th, 2010***

The group will total 16 anglers and presently there are eight (8) places available. Give me a call soon for all the details if you are interested in joining this "hosted" trip.

I look forward to joining you on the Rio Negro for an expedition into the interior reaches and the Lost Lagoons of the Amazon watershed of northern Brazil.

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