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Friday, October 28, 2016

Welcome to Spybaiting: The Technique of Silent Capture

Realistically, Spybaiting a.k.a the technique of "Silent Capture" is still in its infancy.

Perhaps not so much within the green and brown bass communities, although there is still volumes to learn there as well, but certainly when considering other species. So for all you Spybaiting enthusiasts don't shout me down before you hear me out!

There are applications awaiting to be developed with the Silent Capture finesse technique in both freshwater and saltwater. Pioneers of this technique, like David Swendseid, are bringing to the forefront professional and engaging instruction via fast paced yet detailed and informative video presentations. 

For we gray-tones and old school deep water hounds it is reminiscent of our days learning and then refining the technique of "Spoonplugging" with instructions from pioneers and legends like E. L. "Buck" Perry. Or, Carl Lowrance, who we remember in 1959 began full production of the first mass produced recreational fish finder...the Fish Lo-K-Tor or more commonly called, "The Little Green Box." That "little green box," as the Fish Lo-K-Tor became known, soon revolutionized sports fishing across all waters of the globe. 

My point: "Pioneers" delivering technique and tool are always, on mission. So today we have a relatively new technique with new educators like Swendseid and new creators...artisans like Masahiro Adachi developing and perfecting tools like the Realis Spinbait 80 and 90 or the Realis Spinbait 80 G-Fix. 

This grey-tone for one is just as excited today to learn the technique of Silent Capture as I was 50 years ago learning to understand the blips and blinks of stumps and contour changes on the dial on my first Lowrance. 

Thanks Mr. Adachi - Thanks David, for bringing us Realis SpyBaiting, your way! 

Now, absorb the video:  Welcome to Spybaiting: The Technique of Silent Capture

Welcome to Spybaiting: The Technique of Silent Capture

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