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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

#KLures...Awesome "Grande" and "Chico" Rippers for #PeacockBass

Blogger Bob Daly, over at The Fishing News has reported on numerous occasions about the California custom lure maker KLures and the angler/artist/owner behind KLures, Kermett Adams. Bob will let you know matter-of-factly that when it comes to custom hand crafted lures there are no finer specimens available today for the Golden Dorado of Argentina than those of Adams handcrafted ‘tricksters'.Daly and several others of this #PeacockBass addict’s brethren have expressed a fondness for Adams "Grande" Ripper and "Chico" Ripper as their "go to" lure of choice for enticing the awesome top water explosions of the ferocious Peacock Bass.

I've been reading the "posts" about the KLures on Blogs and Forum Boards for the last couple of years and finally decided to seek out Adams and order a few for my last trip to the Peacock haunts of the Rio Negro this last October. In fact, I encouraged Kermett to paint up a couple for me in a special color which he readily agreed to do. Then, perhaps 10 days later I had the order in hand. It didn't take but a few minutes of examination to understand why guys like Daly, Cagle and Laden were singing the praises of Adams KLures. Of those mentioned and myself I would dare say our combined Peacock Bass tackle inventory would challenge the likes of any given BPS store. From the old standards like the Peacock Specials, Amazon Rippers, Big Game Woodchoppers and Woodchopper Slims of the old Lure Jensen brand to the New Pavon Props and the ever popular HighRollers, our tackle shelves would all be found sagging from the over abundance of these fine ‘tricksters'.

I say all that to say this...we've all "fished" these old standbys for years and know them well. But when you put a KLure in your hand for examination you quickly see the "four keys of quality" that truly sets a custom lure apart from all the others:

Four Keys of Quality

  • absolutely the best of hardware available in the marketplace today;

  • a premium lure body turned by the artesian to perfect tolerances;

  • available paint and color patterns unsurpassed in the industry with a Lexus finish;

  • all assembled and tuned to a performance standard before it is ever shipped to the purchaser.

Now all of this sounds good but will the Grande or the Chico catch fish...OH YEAH! Here's an 18 pounder in hand that succumbed to a Clown Colored Grande Ripper and as the above mentioned guys have attested as well...these are field proved Monster Peacock Bass fish catchers...top shelf ‘tricksters’!

David Fields with 18# Peacock Bass caught on Peacock Ripper
I highly recommend you visit KLures.com and have a look around at the various types, models and color combinations of lures available for multi-species. Order a few soon for your next fishin' expedition! Whether it's the Monster Bull Red Fish of the Mississippi Delta or the Monster Peacock Bass of the Amazon we're here to assisst you in planning your next "fishing adventure of a lifetime."

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