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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Two Fresh MONSTER Reports

TWO FRESH MONSTER REPORTS:                                                    MONSTER BULL REDFISH FISHING                                                          AND MONSTER3XUSA CONCEPT LURES

The Next Big Thing for Monster Bull Redfish . . .  MONSTER3XUSA                                                                X-SWIM


"Wa'cha lookin' at."

A few weeks ago at ICAST16 as day number one was drawing to a close I happened to stop near a booth to catch my breath and decide if I was going to call it a day or press on with a couple more quick contacts. While standing in the isle this very energetc guy walks up and says, "Watca lookin' at." I said nothing particular at the present just trying to figure my next move. He said, "while you're figuring why don't you step over here and have a look." So I did. Along with my friend and fishing partner Gary, we stepped into the MONSTER3XUSA booth and began talking with Raul Prieto. Can you recall a time(s) when you just happened to be (stop) at the right place at the right time? 

Raul very confidently began to present his product as matter of fact the best product of its kind out there. I'm sure others have their own ideas about that but I respect someone greatly who can passionately yet professionally articulate the particulars of their wares. Raul was good, real good. Then as I learned, he had a product I had heard about in Brazil but just hadn't run accross in the US. (More about that in another post) I can tell you this much, we are already testing them for ourselves on Monster Redfish, and as you will see, they work really well, and in November we'll be taking a bunch to Brazil for Peacocks and probably a bunch more to Uruguay in 2017, for Golden Dorado. Enough, more about that later . . .

Here's Gary's Fishing  and Test Report:

Well, there are good trips, and then there are terrific trips.  This latest trip with Captain Keith was one of the terrific varieties, and the last day is of what redfishing dreams are made!  Just ask my great friends, Jeff Stagg and Don Cutter who accompanied me this time.

For the first two days, we put 41 total bull reds in the boat, which is certainly not bad.  On the third day however, while the clicker showed an official count of 42, we all felt that many more were missed during all the triple hookups with resultingexcitement, confusion, overlapped lines, and other headaches in general!  For approximately 2 hours, we had a redfish on every single cast! It was that good!

Most all of these beautiful redfish were 20 pounds each or better with the biggest weighing in at 31. As to lures, they were very specific.  As you all know, many times it just doesn't seem to matter what lure one throws.  This was one of those times when it really did matter.  They definitely preferred 6" plastic shad bodies or

the new 7" Monster 3X---big lures under a popping cork. Any color worked as long as it was black and chartreuse!!!  The new Monster lure is made
by Brazilians that I met at ICAST from a plastic they developed that is the most durable I have ever seen!  They say you can stretch it the length of your arm (I didn't try), but I did see that multiple redfish had no effect on it whatsoever. It takes some effort to get it on the hook, but when you do, it sticks like glue (without any)!

I continue to say that Captain Keith's 3 day all-inclusive package is the best deal in all of sportfishing, and nothing whatsoever has caused me to change my mind.  This was my old friend, Don Cutter's first trip there, and he told me time and time again that it more than lived up to all I have ever said about it.

The Captain has very limited space available yet this year, so I hope you will contact him as soon as possible about filling it, or booking something early for next year.
All the very best,Gary

For Excellence in Outfitting Contact: 
Captain Keith Kennedy
Born To Fish Charters
(504) 908-3108

For the X-SWIM


Tell them Fishin' the Americas sent you for a special deal!

Now, I think you will agree, that's two great monster reports for the price of one! 

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